Je ziet het best veel: Blauw 🔵&🟡 geel

The subcontious mind takes in 11 million pieces of information a second…

The Nazis – The Pharaohs – the 1%
the Globalists – the Imperialists
The Elite – The FreeMasons
The Satanists – The Jesuits
The Communists – The Marxists
The Leninists -The stalinists
The Hitler Fans -The Neo Nazis
The KuKlux Clan -The Maoists
The Cabals -The Zionists
The Illuminati -The Oligarchs
The Magnates -The Lobbyists
The Islamists -The Djihadists
The Sharia & Umma Fans
The Eugenics aka The Transhumanists
The Club of Rome
The skull & Bones Club aka the BonesMen aka 322
The Temple of the Grand Oriental
The Order of the New Dawn
The Club of Death
Chabat & the Hassidics & other Cultists
The Babylonians & the Canaanite’s
The Khazars – The Luciferians
The Pedophiles
The Fortune 500 (CEO’s)
The Bilderberger Club
The WEF Forum
The Windsor’s
The Vatican
The 13 BloodLines
& of course several others

The Blue 🔵🟡 Yellow Symbolism

We The Guardians
Are Watching Each & Everyone of you All of you Armageddon Wanna Be Cultists & Wanna Be Kings
You Tyrants are already on a Death List

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